Certain things are funny when they explode.

WashU’s biannual music festival, WILD, has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. The cryptic nature probably stems from its name, Walk In Lay Down. The acronym and what it stands for are the complete antithesis of each other! I think we here at WashU have embraced the weirdness pretty well, though. Everyone starts drinking at breakfast and doesn’t stop until their “Coca Cola” is confiscated at the gates. Someone who don’t give a shit about who’s on stage is going crazy up front, while someone who actually cares is too wasted to pay attention. He’s at the back of the quad feeling up some ugly Jewish girl he met in Gen Chem freshman year. I usually fall into the “don’t care” category. This year was no exeption. I marveled at the chiz’d chest of David Banner, and tripped out for Talib Kweli‘s set. After WILD, Strauss, Jerry, and I broke into Neto’s apartment and reassembled his entertainment system (since stolen… he should lock his door). Pretty standard stuff.

Andrew’s birthday was the same weekend. He had a very happy day. Also, a bird took a dump inside Robin’s new car. Awesome.