Bike ride and bewilderment.

I went on quite the adventure yesterday. I took my dying Huffy Ironman bike on a tour of the city. It’s dying because the chain is completely red from rust, one gear shifter has snapped off, the other doesn’t do anything, the front brake has been deactivated, and until yesterday, it had a hole in the back tire. Well, I fixed the tire, but I’m still stuck in the highest possible gear with no breaking power. This means even the smallest of hills poses a formidable challenge.

Anyway, I rode around town looking for Geocaches I haven’t found. Despite living in St. Louis for almost three years now, I still haven’t found most of the caches in the city. I delude myself into thinking I’m too busy, studying and doing work (when in reality I spend too much time on the computer and playing frisbee). So here’s a map of my travels. The ride was about 20 miles in total. It would have been more, but I cheated and took the train back to Delmar from SLU.

In the end, I found 15 caches. That’s not a personal record for a day, since I found 25 back in January ’07. But it’s definitely the most I’ve found without the crutch of a car. It was a great distraction from exams, which I’ll be finishing up tomorrow. I should be home Thursday or Friday for some hometown fun.