The mysterious disposable camera.

I found a partially used disposable camera hiding under our stereo back in August 2008. I had no idea how long it had been sitting down there, so I took it to school to finish out the roll. The camera was pretty old. The original pictures might be from around 2003. Harriet was still skinny back then. Anyway, here’s the entire roll.

Snoop – Snoop Dog is crazy.
Harriet – Mum and Harriet, in their skinnier days. KIDDING. But seriously, Harriet’s fat now.
Family – I’m not sure what the occasion is. It might be Hanukkah, since only my Dad’s side of the family is there.
Nintendo – Not sure whose Nintendo SP I’m playing. I never got the cool backlit version.
Alex – Wielding a knife, it seems.
Giant dog – Flash forward a few years to Fall 2008.
Andrew – Weird color going on here.
Coors tower – Andrew drank all that himself. True story.
Shamwow – This picture carries a certain cultural import with the Shamwow sitting in the background.
Happy Andrew – Coming back from an Internetz Show taping, I think.
Tired Andrew – It was a rough birthday celebration, I guess.
Peeved Andrew – Those Melba crackers may have still been there at the end of the year.
Excited Robin – I was playing Tony Hawk on the PS2, hence the excitement.
More PS2 – I was actually controlling Andrew at this point. We were playing Blackbird.
Fishy – The Chipolé Tabasco sauce in the background was procured by Andrew. He never finished it.
Dramatic Andrew – Apparently Robin and I think Andrew is a good photo subject.
Andrew’s Meal – Wild Turkey in the hand and Dum-Dums under the chin.
Knife Attack – I’m not sure what’s happening here.
Blue Andrew – Pop art?.
Birthday Andrew – Empty shotglasses, intended to be filled and consumed by Andrew.
Reluctant Andrew – One down, 20 to go.
Smells Fruity – They played a game with Andrew. Some of them were fruit juice, which Andrew prayed to find.
Whoooaoa – Clearly upset about something.
Catpong – It’s like beer pong, except with cats.

The film roll was a fairly faithful recollection of life in the Loop Lofts, post flash flood. Robin and I basically messed with Andrew whenever he came home as punishment for leaving the recycling box inside while he recycled his single milk jug.