Mazda Westward! Pt. 4

I got my spare car keys in the mail, finally. It was nice having access to, you know, everything that I packed. I’m starting to get to know everyone better and we’re getting into the routine of field camp. The first couple days were spent working on standard rock and fossil descriptions. Sometimes Mandi, the camp leader, would even tell us what the hell we’re looking at. It sometimes corresponded with what I wrote in my notebook. I learned that a belemnite is not a tooth. On the 24th we got to visit the University of Wyoming’s geology museum. The museum is currently being threatened by budget cuts, and might actually close up after this summer. We got to see Big Al, the Allosaurus, plus fill out an awesome worksheet on fossilization and skeletal reconstruction to make sure we weren’t snoozing. We returned the camp site later that night, which concluded with a giant group reading bender. An illustration of the event is depicted in my field book.