Mazda Westward! Pt. 5

The 25th started out very ungeologyish. We listened to a lecture from Tim Weaver, a computational biologist/new media artist. Rather strange. He had some awesome pictures of butterflies though, always a plus. The next few days were taken up by more rock descriptions and exploring the property in general. We learned how to ID fossilized bones, but our lesson was cut short by a sudden downpour. Tim, the TA, remarked that this was the first heavy rain he’s seen in two summers out here. Lucky us! We spent the rest of the day huddled inside the RV trailer, avoiding lightning bolts. I spent most of the afternoon on the couch reading… kind of. Sarah and Michelle are really bad distractions. The rest of the group played about 500 games of  password. The weather finally cleared up, so Ryan, Nancy and I ventured outside to throw from frisbee. Half of the group took a van out to go birding. We had smores while they were gone (sssh don’t tell). The night ended with a game of poker. Hundreds of priceless pebbles were on the line!

The 29th was our day off. We went hiking at Vedauwoo. Morgan and I did some pretty serious bouldering to reach the highest point while the rest of the group was wasting their time looking for a lost group member. We ate dinner in Laramie at Lovejoy’s, as noted beautifully in my field book.