Party across the USA!

Very busy week! On Tuesday night I trekked to the Firebird down past SLU to check out Japanese pogo punk sensation Polysics. I asked Eleven Magazine here if I could take photos and write a review, and there were more than happy to oblige. It was exactly what I expected. Neurotic, incongruous, and totally awesome. They somehow have the ability to project the illusion of utter chaos, yet be completely under control. Every single inch of loose wire was secured to the stage with gaffers tape to prevent any trip ups. It would slow the show down, I guess. Anyway, it was great. Full review is here.

Over the weekend I went with the ultimate team to Baton Rouge for the big Mardi Gras tournament. We last went two years ago. Of course, we had to drive the extra hour to New Orleans for the true Mardi Gras debauchery. As I mentioned in this post, 2008 Mardi Gras gifted me with a bruised face, via Hulk Hogan. No such sightings this year, but we did make a return trip to Café Du Monde for some delectable french beignets. Bourban Street was a mess this year since the Saints won the super bowl. I felt distinctly serendipitous “walking” through the street. It was so crowded that you could simply lift your feet off the ground and the crowd would continue to move you. I graciously accepted a 16 ounce can of Bud from Duggles, but Sunday’s 8:30 game time kept the night pretty tame.

The actual tournament wasn’t great number wise, but I feel like we played pretty well. We were the bottom seed in a power pool. We broke seed by beating Texas, who had an atrocious tournament. Texas went to Nationals last year… I wonder what’s wrong with them? They graduated a lot of people, sure, but there had to be something else missing. The fields were really sloppy on Saturday. The actual field site was closed due to standing water. It actually snowed down there the night before we appeared. Ridiculous. The replacement fields couldn’t have been much better. By the second game they were completely mud. Stand still for more than a second and you’re stuck completely. It was a great/terrible calf work out.

During the finals bracket we started off with a hard fought win against Georgia Southern. We then geared up for a tough (some might have said un-winnable) game against perennial powerhouse Wisconsin. We actually played them even in the first half. We were up 6-5, and just had to break them to take half. We couldn’t convert and ended up down 6-7. We continued to play hard in the second half, but couldn’t catch back up. With time running out before hard cap, and being down by a couple breaks, we put a lot of the freshmen in to experience some real competition. Maybe next time, Wisco. We got new jerseys, by the way, shipped 2 day air by Five Ultimate so we could have them for Mardi Gras. We modeled them excellently after our weekend playing in the mud.