Screenplay after screenplay and nothing finished.

Good news! My future is no longer faint and eradicable! I was recently accepted into graduate school at the University of Missouri for M.S. work in Geology. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple other universities I applied to, but it’s very nice to know I have a plan for the Fall. This Summer on the other hand… who knows. I’ve applied for a number of internships and jobs but I haven’t heard back.

In other life news, this past weekend was super Ultimate heavy. The temperature was above freezing and the sun was shining, so we had long practices both Saturday and Sunday on Francis Field. Our vertical stack is still a disaster, but definitely less of a disaster than a month ago.

Since I’ll be leaving St. Louis either in May or August, I’ve been trying to get outside and geocache to discover new parts of the city. On Saturday, Elise and I ventured downtown to Laclede’s Landing and found a couple micros near the Ram’s stadium. We then walked across Ead’s Bridge to Illinois, gawked at the sunset, and found a cache under the bridge. On Sunday, I drove out into the county to Longview Farm. It’s a city park with the standard playground, hiking trails, horses, and barn cat.