Frosted glass, not wanton crass

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted last. Since the last update, I’ve accepted my invitation to join the Geology department at Mizzou. 5 years ago, I never would have thought I’d be spending my most formidable years in Missouri. It’s not a bad thing. Anyway, most importantly, this is the first summer I will not be returning home to Dayton. That’s right, I will be working in St. Louis at the Science Center, helping run science-themed day camps. I’m coming home Thursday the 6th and will be in town until Tuesday. After that, I will be traveling with Nelson to La Follette, Tennessee, then on to the Appalachians. Our goal is to hit 6 state highpoints in the area. Not a small task for our time allowance. If anyone else is interested in the trip let me know. I know those on the quarter school system will have troubles, though.

I’ve been traveling a bit since March, as well. Robin, Andrew, Kelsey, Daniel and I drove down to Robin’s condo at South Padre Island, way down at the tip of Texas. I’ll make a post about that sometime soon, but there was a lot of Eggo involved. Plus I think I got Robin hooked on geocaching. This past weekend I flew to Austin with the ultimate frisbee team for our regionals tournament. We didn’t do nearly as well as we wanted, but the women’s team beat Vandy in the backdoor game, so they’re going to Nationals in Madison. I’d like to go watch, but I’ll be in Anaheim for the first two days of the tournament at a geology conference.

The left two pictures below are miscellanea from our geocaching adventures in the outskirts of St. Louis. Yes, those are bison, and yes, they were ready to charge at any moment. The right two pictures are from Caturday (pet adoption day at Petsmart). We made a lot of new furry friends that day.