Lazy day is working late

Mid-summer update! It’s the weekend of the 4th. I don’t get any time off at work, much to my dad’s incredulity. Work is going pretty well. Some of the kids think just because it’s summer they can do whatever they want, which I assure you is not the case (though I’m probably way too forgiving). Getting up every morning for work has been a battle. The first few weeks I didn’t do anything after work. I’d get home, watch a movie and cook dinner, then fall asleep around say, 10 or so. Not very exciting. A couple of bands came through St. Louis last week I refused to miss, however. I saw Blitzen Trapper on Monday the 21st at Off Broadway, then Passion Pit on Wednesday at the Pageant. Both were sold out… Blitzen Trapper was sweltering. The concerts were a nice change, and a good way to quickly build up a large sleep debt. This weekend there are a couple free concerts downtown, plus fireworks and an airshow. I saw John Legend last night along with probably 80,000 other people. I think someone told everyone Obama was going to be there. Ben, Sam, and I hit up a pub on Wash Ave. after to avoid the inevitable sardine situation on the Metrolink. I think I’m going back tonight to see the B-52s. Also, fair warning… I will be in Dayton for a couple days the second week of August.