We’re free radicals, we’ve got UV rays

I’ll keep this update short, since I only have a few hours (literally) before I have to wake up tomorrow. I’m heading off to Billings, MT and Cody, WY for the next week doing a field work exercise with the Geological Society of America and ExxonMobile. It should be super fun. I can’t really believe I’m going to Cody for the second year in a row and my third time overall. Weird. There are much more important and geographically proximate cities I haven’t been to three times!

Anyway, last weekend I went to a free Silversun Pickups show in downtown St. Louis. I had a press pass so I got some nice shots and some semi-VIP treatment. The show was cut short by a massive lightning storm. It looked awesome however over the band’s head before they ended the show. Too bad nobody got a shot of that! There’s some rather hefty exposure challenges, though. A few weeks ago I saw the ever pleasant Islands at the Firebird. I was disappointed with the sparse crowd, but the Islands didn’t fail to charm the few that did show up. I also saw and photographed Liars for Eleven Magazine. Strange, strange band. Their live show was a lot harder than I expected. The lead singer has some funky dance moves.

The plan for the next few weeks: Cody, then Chicago for Lollapalooza, followed by a few days in St. Louis. Next, I will return home for a short time before I trek to various state highpoints on my way to Pittsbugh. I will then return home, then return to St. Louis, and finally move to Columbia, MO for school. Hopefully I will see you somewhere along the line!