This lazy day is working late.

August was a busy, busy month. First up was a geology trip to Cody, WY. I got a pretty sweet deal… all expenses paid and they taught me basin analysis. Not totally unlike my current deal at Mizzou, actually. Everyone in charge of the trip was great. Bob, Steve, Lori, and Gary were all fantastic instructors and really fun to be around, too. These geology folks wore me out, though. We spent too much time and too much money at the Silver Dollar and Hooligans. We had a big send off on Thursday night that stretched dangerously close to my 5 am wake up call. I was off on a plane an hour later. Oh, saw some rocks, too.

I flew straight from Billings to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Daniel and Katie were already there. Katie gave me some awful directions to their hotel and I walked around the Hancock building about 5 times with my bag full of geology hammers and rocks. But Katie eventually came outside and retrieved me, which was appreciated. Lolla was a crazy experience. There were just so many people there. Yet, I managed to run into a random guy from college about 30 minutes after wandering into the fest. I later locked eyes with someone I went to elementary school with. While waiting for the Arcade Fire to begin, Ashley and I struck up a conversation with two girls who just happened to be from Centerville. Later at an afterparty some girl who claimed to be on E started talking to me. Turns out she lived in the same building as my brother at Columbia. Alex confirmed that she did go to Columbia and she probably was on E. Crazy, crazy. Anyway, my festival highlights included Hot Chip, Spoon, and the Arcade Fire. The Strokes were good, but I’m mad at them for starting late, ending early, and not playing any new songs.

Daniel, Katie, and I took the Amtrak back to St. Louis. We got up bright and early and hailed a cab to take us to Union Station. The cabbie wasn’t kidding around. He swerved through traffic, ran red lights, and crossed medians… all while talking on the telephone. The end result was a super early arrival at the station. We got a hearty breakfast then entered the train corral. The ride to St. Louis wasn’t bad, and at $24 the price was right. It was super hot when we got to St. Louis. When we arrived at my apartment we discovered that my air conditioning had disappeared or never existed. I roughed it out while Katie and Daniel enjoyed the posh accommodations at the Cheshire Inn. Activities included visiting the zoo and strolling down Cherokee St. Oh, and a Phoenix concert at the Pageant, which was probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Musically, it was great, but what really impressed me was the production itself. Very well done. We took in the city from the roof of the Moonrise before heading back to Ohio.

We drove home on Wednesday. I immediately reacquainted myself with Dayton with a visit to Carmel’s. After an epic struggle with some christmas lights we called it a night. The next day I left for a highpointing trip, with the final destination hopefully being Pittsburgh. I visited the highest points in Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The views weren’t with me this time, however. Lots of fog and little of anything else. Anyway, this post is getting really long, so I will end by saying it was a pleasure visiting my field camp friends in Pittsburgh and I wouldn’t mind returning. I’ve now officially moved to Columbia, MO and started graduate school in geology. Rock on.