Eagle Bluffs and outright lies.

Last weekend I spent an afternoon exploring Eagle Bluffs, located about 10 miles southwest of Columbia. The park is actually a conservation and wetland area that has been created by pumping in the city’s treated wastewater. Seems kind of nasty, but the countless birds and critters in the park don’t seem to mind. The conservation area runs right up against the Katy Trail bike path, which is where you can find the trail to actually climb the limestone bluffs. A wooden viewing platform at the top provided a nice overview of the many pools that have been created, as well as the Missouri River in the distance. There are quite a few large predatory birds flying around the bluffs. I’m not actually convinced that they are eagles, though. They are probably some sort of Hawk. I think Cooper’s Hawks are pretty common. They are all over the city, actually. I often spot them from my back porch in the morning or on my bike ride home in the evening. Closer to the wetland pools, I flushed out a few Blue Herons sitting in the trees when I came stomping around. Anyway, I did some geocaching while in the area [1] [2]. I also visited Missouri’s champion Burr Oak while in the area. This tree is THICK. It has survived multiple lightning strikes and the massive 1993 floods in its 350+ year history.

This past weekend I witnessed the greatness that is the Flaming Lips. Our paths previously crossed last summer in Los Angeles. That show will always be special for me. I bought a ticket at the very last minute and ended up with a seat way toward the front. Plus it was at the awesome Greek Theater. I managed to snap some pretty excellent photos back then, which I now see never made their way to my web log here. Anyway, last night’s show was held outside of the Blue Note in downtown Columbia. They wouldn’t let me bring my camera inside the gates, which was a disappointment. The show was pretty excellent, despite Wayne’s standard babbling. They played quite a few tracks from their new album, Embryonic, which I appreciated since I just saw them the summer before. Rain threatened the show all night, but never exceeded a soft drizzle despite some pretty wicked lightning up above. The show ended without incident. It wasn’t until my 2 mile bike ride home that the sky opened up. Ah well, I don’t mind being soggy… despite my propensity toward extreme pruning.