Not new, all askew.

I’ve been staying up way too late recently. I’m caught in a struggle between occasionally stimulating, but usually mind-numbing entertainment on the internet and a novel. What real purpose does fiction serve, besides entertainment? Inspiration? I sometimes find inspiration lurking the Riverfront Times blogs and random message boards. Plus, the internet is currently my only real source of news. I’m definitely more aware of my community and local events. I’m probably, dare I say, more connected to my friends, especially those I no longer live near. But, I do admit I feel better about myself after reading a book, rather than the internet. Anyway, I’ve been reading Catch-22 for what must be approaching 6 years now. I’m looking forward to my winter vacation, when I can go absolutely nutso on some paperbacks for two weeks and get my fill. Then, hopefully I can start going to sleep an hour earlier. Psssh, right. Has anyone conducted a study about why it is easier to stay awake using a computer versus reading a book or listening to someone?

Played in my first Ultimate tournament in awhile this past weekend. My fitness level is not optimal. I’ve attached a photo of the view outside my office… except my office is actually quite dungeon-like and I only catch fleeting glimpses of the outdoors through tinted windows across a seasoned PhD student’s desk. That’s the view if you walk outside the building, though. I’ve also attached a photo of a pesky animal who won’t leave me alone, no matter how much I yell at her. Cats are dumb.