Life spoken in tweets.

For some reason I sometimes find myself phrasing my thoughts into short two sentence packages. Tweets, really. I don’t even use Twitter. I wonder if I always compartmentalized my thoughts, or if it’s a new phenomenon… somehow subconsciously affected on me by the Twitter phenomenon. Like last week, I thought very distinctly, “I need to buy rain pants. Weather widget, you have failed me again.” Whom am I addressing? I never really bought into Twitter as a social tool, but I could definitely use it as a repository for little bits of wisdom that flash through my brain. Like today, I decided to refer to eyeballs as eyeorbs. That seemed like a pretty clever thing to do, and I might want to use that in the future. Usually, my small flashes of creativity disappear within hours, but maybe if I had a smartphone and logged it into Twitter… Anyway, I’m only speaking hypothetically since I doubt I’ll ever buy a smartphone. Plus, I’m a naturally long winded wordsmith. Which is odd, since I’m also quite a succinct orator.

Huh? I played in an Ultimate tournament last weekend here in Columbia. I was in the student newspaper. The photo makes my layout look super pathetic, but I think the angle is just funny. I remember being a lot closer to the disc, anyway. Oh, and here’s a twitteresque thought: Who else wants to roam the New Zealand back country, visiting this collection of huts?