Best $2.50… ever!

I recently found a gift debit card I had received a couple years ago. I had written $30 on the back, but it was crossed out and replaced with $15. The front of the card indicated it was valid until August 2011, so I thought “Sweet, I’ll just find something random on Amazon.” I checked the cards balance, and was surprised to see that I had returned whatever I had initially purchased with the card. Awesome. I also saw that I had been assessed a monthly $2.50 “maintenance fee” for almost year. End result: $2.50 remaining balance. I was pretty disappointed, but I figured I might as well go bargain hunting on amazon anyway and spend my $2.50. After way too much time searching, I purchased two books. The first, “Punk Rock Etiquette” cost $1.37. It actually looks like a fairly interesting read, detailing DIY recording and tours. The second, “Anger of the Guns,” is a dystopian depiction of the USA and appears to have been written by a high school student. It cost $1.11. The reviews on amazon range are great, you should check them out. If anyone knows where I can buy something for 2 cents, let me know.