A list of my numerous, but finite, quirks.

I’ve decided to compile a list of my quirks. I’ll carry the list around and provide it to any potential suitors.

1. I can’t really enjoy an orange unless most of the white inner dermis stuff is removed.
2. Just because I respond to something like a wide-eyed stare doesn’t mean I disapprove… I’m just intrigued.
3. I know the latin name for the white tailed deer because I own a sweatshirt with the name printed on it (Odocoileus Virginianus if you were curious).
4. I drive a manual transmission. Yes, I’ll be your designated driver, but if I’m driving your car expect some very sudden stops when I stomp on the clutch that doesn’t exist. And I’m not cleaning up if you puke.
5. I still play Pokémon, and yeah, I’ll probably buy the new one.
6. When I make a PB&J sandwich, I always put the jelly on one slice, lick the knife clean, then put the peanut butter on the other slice. In that order.
7. I cut every sandwich into rectangles, except grilled cheese, which I cut diagonally.
8. My fingers and toes get really, really, pruny in the water. Unusually so. Sometimes it hurts if I stay in the water.
9. I’m right-handed, but I sometimes eat left-handed. If someone sitting next to me is eating left-handed, I will, too.
10.I have extremely poor circulation in my fingers and toes. Probably not related to my pruniness, but who knows.

… to be continued