Long and dramatic exposition.

My cousin recently mused that despite feeling like writing all the time, he rarely updates his blog. I know what he means, but maybe not for the same reason. This blog kind of weighs on me all the time, and I don’t even try to say anything of value. It’s weird. I think I feel a responsibility to write on the blog, and because of that, I avoid it.

That reminds me of a post I recently read on my new favorite blog, Hyperbole and a Half. It details the cycle of procrastination, and can be found here. Honestly, I read a much better piece on procrastination that really nailed my messed up psyche, but I can’t find it so this will do. Besides, I think I’m secretly (oops, not anymore!) in love with the blog author. She’s imaginative, cute, and a former collegiate runner. So yeah, I think I have an internet crush on her in the most faceless-internet-predator sort of way possible.

Anyway, so as to not completely waste the time of anyone that may still lurk here, I’ve attached a picture of me about to go nom-fu on some Chick-Fil-A. They don’t have any in Central Missouri, so I made a point to stop on my way home for the holidays. Om nom nom. On a completely unrelated note, my mom and I went psycho on film history. In the past two days, we have watched The Kings Speech, How to Recognize Your Saints, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Gun Shy (meh), The Parent Trap (1961), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and about 30 minutes of A Cinderella Story (yes, Hilary Duff). I think tomorrow I might try to do something outside, or at least limit myself to one movie.