Running short on snow puns.

I heard both snowpocalypse and snowzilla used to describe the recent giant weather monster that covered 30 states at once. But I think Obama prefers Snowmageddon, so that’s what I’m going to roll with. (Totally off topic… I did some research and apparently I have only mentioned Obama once before on this blog. I apparently didn’t mention Bush a single time. I guess that’s a reflection of how much I dislike talking about politics. That got me thinking about what I do talk about here. I pumped my posts through a word cloud generator and here’s what popped out. Not surprisingly, I’ve used “Daniel” a lot. 84 times, actually, including that most recent one. I guess that’s mostly a product of our yearly camping trips where I spend an entire post relating ridiculous fabrications of what actually happened at Kelley’s Island. It’s also shows how my updating frequency has dropped, since I rarely see Daniel (85) anymore, much less post about him. I’ve used the word “time” 88 times. Not sure if that counts a 89 or 90 now. This isn’t surprising either, since I am kind of concerned with time (90/91): either having a good time (91/92) or musing at how I’m always wasting time (92/93). Good, pretty, just, back, and night are also popular words. I guess I often find my nighttime (93/94?) activities are more post-worthy. I also tend to like things, or at least my posts are skewed toward the things I like. Anyway, that was a complete tangent. Parenthetical statements should never be 10x as long as the text that precedes it. I never pretended to have excellent style… besides this is the internet~ LOL).

Alright, back on track. The blizzard did not disappoint! Columbia got somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 inches of snow. The University canceled classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I started getting a little antsy after 35 straight hours inside my apartment, so I went out Wednesday afternoon and took some photos in a nearby nature preserve. The going was tough in the unbroken snow. I was recently doing pointless internet research on great adventures I don’t really plan on attempting (I often do. Did you know an Everest expedition takes around a month and costs $70,000+?) and realized how much more serious of an adventurer I could be if I lived out West. Stomping through untouched foot deep snow in the woods would be the least of my adventures. Before I upgrade my adventure skill level, however, I need to upgrade my equipment. My jeans were both soaking and frozen stiff after a few minutes.

Wow. I can be extremely long-winded when I’m not actually speaking. All I wanted to do was share these pictures and somehow it morphed into this monster. The entire post was kind of pointless exercise anyway since I’ve already added the photos to Facebook. (Note: This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned Facebook here. I have used the word “book” 9 times before, however). Prior to Facebook’s existence, this blog was kind of filled its void. The comments section served as a wall of sorts. Since this is the internet, the comments were incendiary and insensitive, of course. I almost bought a Groupon a couple days ago for a self-publishing company. I think their service is really supposed to be for wedding books and stuff like that, but I thought compiling all my posts here into a physical product would be kind of cool. Then I could also feel safe deleting all my posts from middle and high school that predate any thoughts of a professional career. Anyway, I got intimidated by the potential scope of the project and didn’t take the Groupon plunge. I still think it’s a cool idea, though. It might be something to think about as a Winter or Summer break challenge.

Wow. That entire last paragraph was supposed to be about how long-winded I can be and it ended up someplace completely different. I’m going to stop now.