[9/20/10, 2am] It’s a little late to update this page, but for now I must point out that I’m currently in Columbia, MO earning my M.S. in geology. That will be all for now. Oh, and I like bell peppers.

My name is Martin Benjamin Gross. Some call me MBG for short. I’m a member of the class of 2010 at Washington University in St. Louis. My interests include photography, frisbee, motion pictures, the outdoors, synthesizers and other sound manipulation devices. My creative side spends time taking photos and writing reviews for WashU’s music magzine, Eleven, as well as occasionally contributing to internet music news site Tiny Mix Tapes under the moniker 8bit. I’m also the Technical Manager for the campus television station, WUTV. I spend a good part of the Spring semester playing with the club Ultimate Frisbee team, Contra. We travel across the Midwest and Southern United States looking for tournaments to play against state schools with 15 times our enrollment. I sometimes study Earth and Planetary Sciences when I’m not busy with my other activities.

Current synthesizer arsenal: Roland HS-60, Jen SX1000, Casio CT-410v, Yamaha PSS-470, Yamaha PSS-450, Casio SA-2


[Old – November 12th, 2006]
It has come to my attention that some people are actually reading this biography. Well, after hearing that news I re-read what I had written and decided I need to re-write. The previous biography was pious and too haughty for my tastes. Anyway, I am Benjamin Gross. I have many, many adventures, about half of which I detail here on my website. Yes, my other adventures are just as exciting, but I just don’t have the time nor mind to completely figure out this intraweb thing. Anyway, a little bit more about my current weird hobbies is in order, I guess. I like geocaching and I have hopes to highpoint in the nearby states very soon. I keep two fish tanks clean enough to support aquatic life. The smaller tank has only one fish, an African Cichlid. There used to be three, but they jumped the tank divider (since discovered faulty and removed) and committed suicide. I am currently seeking an analog keyboard, preferably from the early to mid 80s to augment my already considerable collection of largly useless instruments I own. A Minimoog or a Roland Jupiter-8 would be just fine. Go ahead and drop me a line if you want to unload one. Alright, back to myself. I am now legally an adult, but still mentally hovering between child and adolescent. I like most old Warner Brother’s cartoons and hate most new cartoons. I do like new classics such as “Courage the Cowardly Dog” however.
Northerly Southwest Ohio is pretty flat, which is one of the reasons I plan on moving to a more mountainous region for the next four years or so. Alright, Boston and St. Louis aren’t exactly moutainous either, but at least they have more homeless people than Dayton. That accounts for something, right? My true ambition is to move to Montreal and start a hardcore death metal classical orchestra band that plays only drum machine and synthesizer. Until then though, I think I’ll attain a degree from an accredited North American University and make money.

Here’s some info on the other names you might see on the site in a video or otherwise:

Daniel: Former undercover KBG agent in the CIA, was exposed after requesting vodka in his milk. Also, a friend who enjoys doing screwy things.
Nelson: Secret canasian (part canadian, part asian) and former tapdancing champion of North America, he now devotes most of his life to computer games.
Brian: Completed a few more miles of the 2005 Las Vegas marathon than me without completely cramping up and limp/walk/running the rest. Well, I mostly walked.
Jonathan: Brother of a trilingual terrorist/Jesus and second team all-GWOC in Cross Country.
Chris (Tiny): Puritan for the first 16 years of his life, he now plays Pokemon 10 hours a day and listens to dreadful rap music.
Dave: Occaisonal companion into the Oregon District and womanizer.
Justin: Ski club president by majority vote
Kelsey: Girl who very generously gifted me “The Hot Chick,” whom I have also failed completely by not watching it in two months.
Katie: Makes a great sack of potatoes!
Did I leave anybody out?